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Andrio Phone Recovery Tenorshare iCareFone 3.0 Free Registration Virus Solution Provider

Tenorshare iCareFone 3.0  Sundeep Maan

New Features

iOS devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad and iPod) are the most popular devices now among users all over the world because these devices give them practically everything needed to be active and mobile everywhere.
You can listen to your favourite songs, browse the Internet, take amazing photos, and so on. But, of course, all these iOS devices need constant care and management to keep them stable and up-to-date. It goes without saying that you can use a special application iTunes developed by apple for managing your devices.
But if you need an all-in-one and fully-featured application which includes a lot of different tools and at the same time allows you to manage all problems easily and conveniently, you can take full advantage of Tenorshare iCareFone. This very useful program is equipped with plenty of features which give you practically all necessary tools for easy and convenient management any of iOS devices. It does not matter what iOS device your own- iPhone, iPod or iPad- you can use this program for all of them.
The Main Features of the Program- Tenorshare iCareFone is an all in one and advanced application which gives you all useful and handy tools for all iOS devices. Currently it supports all well-known devices, i.e. iPhone (all iPhones are supported, for example 4S, 5S, 6S, and so on), iPad (for example, iPad mini, iPad Air, and so on) and iPod (i.e. iPod Nano, iPod touch, and so on).
Tenorshare iCareFone has got a very convenient and easy to use interface; with the help of it you can easily access and use all tools offered by the program. The program currently provides you with 6 different features; they allow you to manage your contacts or photos, clean up junk files or backup them, and so on.
Files Manager- this category includes different tools for managing your files. these tools allow you to manage your Contacts (for example, you have the possibility to add a new contact or delete unneeded one, update contact info, add contact photo, export contacts as a XLS, Text, XML or VCF file, and so on), Notes (i.e. you can add a new note, export existing ones, and so on), Calendar (in this category you can edit your calendar), App (it is a very useful feature which allows you to manage your installed apps, i.e. you can install a new app or uninstall an old one, back up installed applications, and so on), Music (it is a tool for managing your music collection; with the help of it you can add new songs to your device or export existing songs to the computer), Video (this tool is similar to the previous one, it allows you to manage your videos), Bookmark (this tool is specially designed for managing your browser’s bookmarks; you have the possibility to add new bookmarks to your browser, delete unneeded bookmarks, and so on) and Photo (photo lovers can full take advantage of this tool; it allows them to manage their photo collection, for example, transfer photos to the computer, and so on).
Speedup and Clean- if your iOS device is full of files and you have a very little space, you can use this tool to scan it and remove some unnecessary files and significantly increase it. With the help of this tool you can remove junk and temporary files, delete old photos, uninstall rarely used applications, and so on.
Backup and Restore- there is no need to say that backups are very important for every device; just for this reason, Tenorshare iCareFone includes a special tool which allows you to manage existing backups or create new ones.
Ads Remove- this tool allows you to remove annoying ads from your installed applications. Just select an application and all ads will be removed and you will be able to enjoy all your applications without ads.
Fix iOS Stuck- do you have problems with your iOS device? Do not worry! This tool is specially created all this problems and unstable performance. All you need to do is to enter the Recovery Mode and the program will fix and correct all the problems and issues of your device, for example, issues caused by overheat or upgrading, and so on.
Repair Operating System- this tool is of use if your device works abnormally. This tool allows you to repair the operating system by downloading the firmware package from the Internet and fix all system problems. After downloading this package you will be able to run the system repair and get back its stable performance.
Tenorshare iCareFone is a very handy and useful application for all iOS device users. iPhone, iPod and iPad owners will get a lot of useful features and tools which will help them to perform different operations. Thanks to these tools, they can manage all their files, reliably backup and restore files, remove unnecessary and junk files, and much more. So, if you want your iOS device to be always stable, you need Tenorshare iCareFone.

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