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Free Antivirus Norton Antivirus Free for 6months

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Exploring The Features In Depth

PC users that want to feel secure when they’re online, sending emails or even chatting will find that features of Norton AntiVirus combine to provide the peace of mind they’re looking for. Some of the features that make this a software package worth considering for personal protection include:
  • The reputation service – This Norton technology is designed to automatically and instantly ferret out where files came from and how long they’ve been around. This enables Norton to stop crimeware in its tracks.
  • The protection service – Norton AntiVirus was created to offer users overlapping types of protection to go beyond basic viruses. It is designed to detect and address viruses, spyware, worms and more. These overlapping features provide a lock on a computer that helps keep threats out.
  • Pulse updates – This is how Symantec ensures that Norton AntiVirus users have access to the latest programming to stop threats in their tracks. The pulse updates provide the latest updates to the software in a manner that doesn’t slow down a machine or bog users down. This is a particularly beneficial feature for users who shy away from antivirus software because of the operational slowdowns it can cause.
  • SONAR 4 – This protection was created to monitor a PC for any activity that might be suspicious. This helps detect new online threats quickly so the Norton programming can detect and eradicate it.
  • Bot detection – This is a very important feature that helps Norton AntiVirus users protect themselves against programs that enable cybercriminals to take control of a machine.
  • Rootkit, worm detection – These two features combine to protect machines against fast-moving viruses and crimeware that gets buried deep in a computer that lets the bad guys take a hold of a machine.
  • Bootable recovery – If a computer has become badly effected with viruses, Norton offers a way for its users to recover. This feature is designed to help users create a disk that will allow them to get their PCs running even if it won’t start up.
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