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Spyrix Keylogger Free for All User

From the childhood we have been taught that spying is bad. But is it so? If we are talking about information security of your company or your family you will agree that the end justifies the means.
  Nowadays, in time of rapidly developing information technology we confide information to the computer using it as a storage for commercial and personal data, for communication, shopping, etc. Of course many asked themselves: How safe is it? In opinion of experts in the field of information security the human factor takes a great place, despite the importance of protection against external influence from different malicious software.
   No anti-virus software will protect you if your employee suddenly decides to send an e-mail or write important business data to his removable device for the purpose of steal. Or maybe someone in your office, taking advantages of your absence, tried to guess the password to your computer. Or maybe your child views inappropriate websites communicates with suspicious individuals via the Internet or commits to purchase something using your credit card.We are against the strict measures, but this information can help you to adjust the child's education. Unfortunately, the standard means of Windows don't allow you to keep track of all user activities. If we analyze these activities we can make up a conclusion about all unauthorized attempts to cause damage to your information security. 
   But not all is bad; you just need to supplement your operating system with additional software like Spyrix Free Keylogger. This program is easy to install and configure, it can be used for tracking applications that were used on the computer and information that was entered from the keyboard, it also allows making screenshots. All information is written to the log. You can easily get to it due to convenient search and filtering by date. By default, after running the program you'll see the icon in system tray, you can also change it to hidden mode protected by password.

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